Friday, August 3, 2012

Barrington Big Trucks

We went to Barrington's Big Trucks event on Saturday.  Since we've been to a variety of touch a truck events, we kind of expected more.  They had a variety of trucks but not entirely impressive ones!  They had more trucks than construction equipment which is what N2 love.  They had a school bus, a tow truck, a garbage truck, a moving truck, a fire truck, a front end loader, a snow plow, an ATV, police SUV, a street cleaner and a few other things.  The also had a big wheel race (really it was just a spot where you could ride big wheels and get a prize).  They had an inflatable slide which Natalie liked the first few times and then it go too hot for her.  They were also handing out free cupcakes.  The Walter E Smithe truck driver (who is the father of one of my students from last year) had pinatas so kids could hit the pinata.

Here's Noah the cool school bus driver and Natalie as a school bus driver.  They really liked sitting in various seats.

Here they are in their big wheel race.  The got lego cars as a prize.

Here's Natalie driving Brian around in an ATV.
The both drove a front end loader.
 They both hit the pinata and did no damage at all.  I'm not sure Noah understood that he needed to look at the pinata to hit it!

Natalie's favorite thing was to get in trucks and honk the horn.  She would lean against the steering wheel with her whole torso and lay on the horn.
Before you ask, yes, Natalie's hair is french braided.  She told me this morning she wanted braids.  She sat still for the most part but cried when I was finishing the last one.  I must have pulled the little hairs at the nap of her neck.


  1. Wow, Natalie's hair is super cute! I love it!

  2. Finally getting caught up on your blog!! You've been doing lots of fun things. :) Ian would be so jealous to hear that you have multiple touch-a-truck events every year. We just have one. :( I love Natalie's haircut & how you braided it, too! What a talented mommy! :)