Saturday, August 22, 2015

Abigail's birthday

Back in May, Mom, Dad, Natalie, Noah and I drove to David and Julie's house in Michigan to celebrate Abigail's birthday. This was the first time that N2 and I were at their house in Michigan.  N2 had fun playing with Abigail and Jonathan.  They also enjoyed celebrating Abigail's birthday.

They had a coonskin cap and Noah wore the cap the entire weekend.  I was wondering if he was going to take it home with us.

David taught Noah had to play Mancala and Go both of which Noah enjoyed.
Natalie made a skirt out of wrapping paper from Abigail's birthday presents (she wanted to take it home and I'm pretty sure I threw it away).  I don't think we'll see her on Project Runway anytime soon :)
Dad made Abigail a puzzle of the US.  He helped her put it together after she opened her presents.
Jonathan is such a cute, photogenic little guy.  I had fun taking pictures of him.

Jonathan is also a talented photographer.  He helped me take these pictures of Natalie.  He was very intrigued by my camera!  Natalie was also a very willing model standing in front of the camera.

Julie made Abigail a very cute blue bunny cake with marshmallow frosting.  Abigail was delighted with her cake and LOVED the frosting.  In fact, she really only wanted to eat frosting so David and Julie got her more frosting to eat instead of eating the cake.  It was fun to watch.  She was quite happy about having more frosting.

Jonathan liked the cake too.
Abigail got a trunk of princess dress up clothes as a present.  For some reason unbeknownst to me, Natalie was very interested in putting the outfits on and dressing up as a princess.  She and Abigail had fun playing.
 For Abigail's birthday, Julie got Paddington for the kids to watch.  They pulled out the sleeper bed from the couch and the kids got ready for bed, tucked themselves into the couch and watched a movie.
Thanks for hosting us, David and Julie.  We had fun at your house!

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