Thursday, August 20, 2015

Devil's Lake

Brian took N2 up to Devil's Lake while I was still in school in June.  They went up intending to stay for a few days and camp but since there were supposed to be storms and lots of rain, they came home less than 24 hours later.  They did swim in the lake the night they got up there and they did hike a trail in the morning when they woke up.  It started raining as they were hiking down but luckily they were just about done when it started raining because the trail would be slick in the rain (we did the trail when we went to Devil's Lake with Marcie and her family).  Here are some pictures from their trip (I can't tell you anything more about it).

Here are pictures from the trail the following day.

 Balanced Rock on the left.  Can you find Noah in the picture on the right?

 Devil's Doorway on the right

 Perhaps they are trying to push the trail apart a bit more?

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