Sunday, August 16, 2015

Circus World

We went to stay at Marcie's house a couple days in June.  While we were there we visited Circus World up in Baraboo.  It was home to the Ringling Brother's circus at one point in time.  There are indoor exhibits with the old circus train cars and circus parade wagons.  There is a magic show, a small circus and plenty of things you can spend money on-elephant rides, a picture with an elephant, etc.  The kids all had a great time and really enjoyed watching the magic show and the circus.

There was a kid's circus where they had kids from the audience come up and be the performers.  Natalie was picked to be one of the horses and Noah was picked to be a dog.  Megan just wanted to watch.  Amelia wanted to be the magician and they only picked one kid to be the magician so she didn't get picked.

The horses had to stand on their back legs and turn in a circle and then they had to prance around.
(Natalie is the middle horse in pink).

The dogs had to lay on their backs and play dead.  They also each got a turn to jump through the ring of fire.

After Circus World we stopped at Devil's Lake State Park and did a short hike.

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