Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back to School Teacher gifts

I wanted to give N2's teachers something small to begin the school year and I found some great ideas on Pinterest (I'm loving the phrases with colors such as "Orange you glad it's summer" and "We're tickled pink to have you as a teacher") and I finally settled on doing a bright themed basket.  Neon is in this year so I was able to find so many bright things.  I made tags that said "Looking forward to a bright school year." I'm intending to make a smaller version of this basket for the teacher I am mentoring.  You could spend whatever you wanted on this gift.  I ended up buying things at Walgreens, Target and Wal-Mart but I probably could have gotten everything at Wal-Mart if I had gone there first.

I got the following items at Wal-mart: the mini crates for $1, the pack of wooden pencils for $0.97, the neon erasers 4 for $1, mini highlighters for $0.97 (I think), the index cards for $0.97 and the pack of post in notes and flags (I don't remember the price).  I could have bought everything else there for cheaper than what I got them at at the other stores.  The neon mechanical pencils were at Target for $0.99.  I found the neon tape dispensers at both Walgreens and Target and thought they were really fun.  Hopefully the teachers get use out of the school supplies.  While I was shopping for the bright items, I also picked up pink items to make a "tickled pink" present later in the year.  I figured I might as well get cheap school supplies when I can!

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  1. You are so sweet to always get creative gifts for teachers! I love your ideas.