Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Water Park

My multiples group had our family picnic at a local water park that had water slides.  N2 had never been on water slides by themselves before so this was a great opportunity for them to try the slides as we had the park to ourselves after about half an hour.  Natalie LOVED the water slides but Noah wasn't so sure because they wouldn't let him wear goggles at first to go down the slide and he didn't like going into the water at the bottom without goggles.  Once the park closed, the life guards were more lax and let Noah wear goggles so he did go down his fair share of times.  He didn't go as much as Natalie, though.  I think Natalie spent 90% of the time going down the slides.  At one point she was the only one going on them so the life guard wasn't even at the top, they just told her that as soon as she went up there she could go down.  We found out later that Natalie wasn't tall enough to go down the slides so she should have had a swim test which I'm sure she would have passed.  But she did just fine as she got dumped out into the small pool (it wasn't that deep).

You can see Noah's nervous face here.
 He he really did have fun!  These pictures represent 4 different times of him going down.
 I could get any pictures of Natalie with her eyes open!

There was also a small structure that had 2 small water slides (one with double slides) and other water features like sprayers.  This was in a very shallow pool (a zero depth one).  Noah loved this area!  If this pool wasn't so expensive to visit, we would have gone back!  Maybe my multiples group can have the party there again!

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