Thursday, August 27, 2015


These seem to be traditional pictures in my house.  Not sure what it is about these Easter baskets that make my kids wear them on their heads but they do this every year.
 We did Easter morning at my mom and dad's house.  The Easter bunny hid color coordinated eggs for each of the kids in both mom's garden and the neighbor's garden.

I  tried to take pictures of my kids together but they weren't the most cooperative.  I did get a decent one with Grace in the picture.  We didn't get all the cousins together or with Grandma and Grandpa because Amelia got sick during dinner and we took pictures after that.  Luckily Amelia seemed to be better pretty quickly and no one else got what she had (at least I don't think anyone else did).
We went up to see Brian's family after lunch.  I need to remember to pack non fancy clothes so that they can change before they start to play.
Aunt Lisa hid eggs for the kids to find.  Some were high up and the kids needed help to get them down!

We took pictures of all the cousins on the Weidner side.  This is the best I could get.
Then we tried it with Grandma and Grandpa in there to see if it would help and to get a picture of them with all their grandkids.

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