Friday, August 28, 2015

Rock Climbing

N2 took a rock climbing class this spring.  They LOVE rock climbing!  They did a class at the Y when they were 4 but haven't done it since then.  They start each class out bouldering which means that they just climb sideways along the bottom of the rock wall.

Here they are waiting for their turn on the wall.  I think they look pretty cute in their helmets and harnesses.
 There are 4 lines on the rock wall.  There were only 4 kids in the class and most kids climbed line 1 because it is the easiest.  N2 tried line 2 but they got much higher on line 1.  Here are N2, one is climbing line 1 and the other is climbing line 2.
 The picture on the left is as high as Natalie got.  There was this one hump on the wall that the kids couldn't get over.  The teacher would do manual belaying and he could boost them and that is the only way they were able to get over that hump.  I think Noah got that high as well on his own.  But I remember my kids climbing higher when they were in the class last time.  The wall may have changed though since then because the location has changed so maybe they had to change the wall-it used to be in the corner.

 They really love rock climbing but I had concerns about the instructor (I did have to call and manager and talk to her about safety concerns I had and things did get better after that) so I will have to think long and hard before I let them take the class again.  The last session of the class, they did the high ropes course.  Apparently Natalie did really well but Noah was nervous and once he got up, he had to come down because he had to go to the bathroom.  Maybe it was just too high for him.  Natalie has no fear (well at least of heights)!

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