Friday, August 21, 2015

Riding Bikes

Back in May I showed up at ETC (N2's daycare) and the owner was excited to show me something.  I walked outside and there were N2 riding bikes without training wheels!  They bugged Brian to take off their training wheels on their bikes at home and finally he did.  One day he let them ride their bikes to the bus stop and then he wheeled them back home.

Unfortunately we don't have sidewalks in our area (actually a lot of our town doesn't have sidewalks) so it is difficult to let our kids out and ride bikes.  We have two very small side streets not far from our house that are flat so that is where we have to go to ride bikes.  Now that they can ride farther, they can ride to the bike path that isn't far from our house.  They even rode 4 miles on the bike path to a park the other day and then I picked them up and drove them home.  Brian is able to fit the kids and the bikes in his car and then he puts his bike on top of his car and he and N2 find various bike trails around the area to ride on.

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