Wednesday, August 19, 2015

June misc.

Here are some random pictures from June.

After attending Amelia's cat birthday party, N2 had to make themselves up as cats.  They painted their own faces and wore their cat ears and tails that whole day, well unless we went somewhere and then we washed off their faces.

For Father's Day Noah build Lego letters to write a message for Brian.

We redid Noah's room this summer.  Brian put in hardwood floors, real baseboard (up until this point that room only had door frame trim as baseboards) and painted the walls.  Noah picked a space theme (after we encouraged him to pick that).  We haven't finished the room yet-we just have to buy wall decals (I found so many great way to add planets but we didn't want anything permanent).  It was sad to see our nursery murals go :(  Once we get decals up, I'll take pictures of Noah's room and post them.

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