Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kettle Moraine

Back in May, we met up with Marcie's family one weekend day at Kettle Moraine State Park.  We started by hiking along a trail.  We had done part of this trail a couple years ago and this time we hiked the trail a little longer.  The 3 oldest kids were quite enthusiastic hikers and got ahead of the adults.  We sent Brian ahead to catch up to them.  Marcie and Megan walked in the back and stopped to look at various things along the trail.
 Nathaniel took a little nap in the backpack but then he got out to walk a little bit before we stopped for lunch. We ended up just eating lunch on the trail.  Marcie had packed a small blanket and that is what the kids sat on.

I'm not sure what Amelia and Noah are doing in this picture but the were riding on a broomstick.
After our hike we went to the beach that Marcie and I have met up at several times throughout the last couple years.  I didn't bring swim suits but I did bring extra clothes.  We didn't think it would be warm enough to swim but it was.  The kids went in the water with their clothes on and got wet.  Marcie found enough swim suits for the 3 girls but Noah had to swim in his clothes (which he was not happy about).  You can see how far in they went in their clothes.
The kids had a really great time digging in the sand.  They actually had a couple other kids join them at some point to help them dig.

They played in the water a little bit after they put swim suits on.

They all wanted to be buried in the sand.  Noah decided he was going to be buried face down.  Not sure why.

Noah was not happy after he got up because he was sandy, wet and cold in his regular clothes.
While the older kids were playing in the sand and water (before they changed into swim suits) Nathaniel had fun wandering around.

We had a fun day.  We should do it again!

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