Saturday, August 15, 2015

Santa's Village

We took N2 to Santa's Village twice this year-once because we had a Groupon and once because they earned free passes for doing a reading program.  N2 LOVE amusement park rides.  We may have reached the end of the rides at Santa's Village.  They had a great time but next year they may want more adventurous rides!  What was nice about this year was that they could ride most of the rides by themselves so Brian and I didn't really need to ride much.

I dd ride the balloon ride because they wanted me to as it was the first ride we rode.  Brian can't ride it because it spins around.

Then they rode the rides themselves.

 I love Natalie's "I'm too cool for this ride" look in the first picture.  The second time we went to Santa's Village they didn't even ride this ride because it was too tame!

Santa's Village has 5 new rides this year, two of which are roller coasters.  The biggest roller coaster was closed when we went the first time-it looked like they were trying to get it working right as they kept running cars.  When we went the second time there was a sign by it that said permanently closed.  There was another ride that wasn't open either time we were there-they were still building it.  The one roller coaster that was open, the Wiggle Worm (or something like that), was N2's favorite.  They would get off, run from the exit to the entrance and ride it again over and over again.  They did this both times we went to Santa's Village.

One of new rides is a drop.  Natalie was not tall enough to ride it and Noah was tall enough to ride it with an adult so Brian rode with him.  I took a video but I took it sideways!  Oh well.  Noah did like it but he only rode it once the first day we went so I don't think he really enjoyed it.

There are bumper cars now which N2 are not tall enough to drive so Brian and I had to drive them so I didn't get any pictures of those.  N2 love bumping into other people!  N2 could drive the antique cars (although the second time they wouldn't let Natalie drive).

We of course needed to go to the pony rides for Natalie.  The second time we went, we went straight there and Natalie was the first one to ride the ponies for the day and the only one in line.  That's the way to do it because the first time we went we arrived while the ponies were on break and then we had to wait for other kids in line to ride first.  When we were the first ones to arrive, all the animals in the petting zoo flocked over to us thinking we had food but we didn't.
The kids LOVED the tilt-o-whirl.  Every time it would spin around by where Brian and I were waiting, the kids always had huge smiles on their faces!  They could ride this one over and over again too!

Here are just some random pictures of them riding rides.

They had such a great time!

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