Monday, August 17, 2015

The Circus

After visiting Circus World the day before, the kids were adamant that they were going to put on a circus.   They spent most of the next day preparing and rehearsing for their circus.  They made a sign that welcomed us to the circus.  They made up tickets and fliers that said the circus was from 3-4 pm.  I didn't count on the circus really lasting an hour but it really did and it only ended because we finally cut them off after over an hour!

Each kid had a role in the circus.  At first Noah was going to be the ringmaster but I think Amelia took that role on when Noah wasn't sure what to do.  Noah ended up being the magician.  Megan was the acrobat that was a jack of all trades.  Natalie was the animal trainer but Natalie ended up being the animals in the circus and Amelia was the trainer.  At first Natalie and Amelia were using their stuffed animals to be the performers but we convinced them that it was more fun for the audience to see Natalie and Amelia perform as themselves.

Here are our performers.
Here is Megan's performance.  I honestly don't remember what she was going but she did interview Brian at some point and asked for his participation.

 Here is Noah the magician who would make things appear out of his hat.  He also asked for audience participation again and this time Marcie did a magic trick!
 Pulling things out of his hat:

They did a couple acts of disappearing and appearing where we had to close our eyes for the trick to work.  Marcie and I tried to record it surreptitiously.  I have one recording that shows someone reappear but I don't have them say "close your eyes."

This is what I have from Natalie's performance.

Our performers took a bow at the end.

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  1. How fun! I can't believe their show really was an hour. My boys are just barely starting to get into this pretend/imagine/act stage. I love it! Your post makes me think of some of the shows, restaurants, etc. we'd all put on as cousins at Grandma's! :)